Marketing mix for topshop

Place In Topshop started off in the basement of a Sheffield department store and now has stores, with in the UK and over countries worldwide. In the age of rapid globalization, technological innovation, population boom, and environmental change, the need of international marketing are pressing.

Topman is also available online through an international website, the site stocks a range of product some of which are exclusive to the website. Premium pricing is used on the Unique collection as they are a lot more expensive as they are designer.

This contact is done by email, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase and then also again when your item is getting dispatched this service gives you the opportunity to track your items when it is out for delivery. And compared with other fashion retailers, it is not just targeting at young people, but also white-collared workers and a part of mid-aged persons who follow the latest fashion.

Topshop marketing plan Essay

When working with these countries Arcadia focus on ethical trading and conduct audits on each of the factories being used by using a grading system of green, orange and red. Using social media and a blog allows Topshop to interact with the customers and to gain feedback on what they like and dislike about the collections.

The weakness of the Topman Corporation is their international market, the company is global, but it has stores only in a few countries worldwide, the market share is poor in US and China which are the two biggest markets in the world. US, the biggest economic entity in the world, only have four topshop stores, and the second biggest economic entity, China, only have one.

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They sell good quality fashion clothes. The picture above shows the wide product mix that Topshop offers, including different clothing ranges, shoes, underwear and beauty products. On the other hand, umbrellas have a low market share and a low market growth and therefore could be withdrawn from the market unless an extension strategy is put in place.

Our plan for the company is to build a world level website in different countries, and develop overseas online market.

This price range shows that Topshop makes it accessible for different markets that they target- pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults. Finally, defining your core business elements will ensure that your marketing plan and overall business strategy work together seamlessly.

This allows customers to shop no matter where they are.

Topshop marketing plan Essay

They sell good quality fashion clothes. Our shops are seeing results. Topshop now offer their products in well-known department stores such as Nordstrom and take a hybrid approach by selling their products in both Topshop and department stores which is an advantage for Topshop as it saves them having to build their own stores but allows them to target more customers.

TopShop Marketing

These features makes it easier for customers to shop online, which is why it has become increasingly popular nowadays. Strategy There are some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.

Other promotions offered are discounts if a store card is opened along with the purchase. Price The average price in topshop is around thirty five pounds, although they have a topshop boutique, where the average garment is around one hundred pounds. The free promotional tote bags for NYC 7P Affordable price for customers Topshop offers large varieties of products Shoes box Sunglasses Box MARKETING MIX PUBLICITY Magazine Newspapers Metro Advertising Billboard According to Linkfluence- the world leader in social media analysis, this resulted in over mentions every month amongst the most.

The marketing mix for TOPSHOP will be in terms of organizing events at school level, off site events with MASCOT of TOPSHOp and some traditional marketing strategies in terms of ATL & BTL.

So in Pakistani markets the marketing Mix for Topshop will be. Topshop has undergone a remarkable transformation since the mid s, changing from a down market outfitter for the nation's teenagers to a seriously cool, trend-setting brand. The marketing mix is defined as a mixture of several ideas and plans followed by a marketing representative to promote a particular product or brand.

Finally action: the whole purpose of the brand marketing across different channels of communication is to encourage them to spend money on Topshop merchandise.

It is clear that their brand strategy is working due to their 25% profit increase as “e-commerce props up sales” (Interactive, ). The Topshop marketing mix strategy is based on its STP strategies and is shaped by the UK’s external environment.

Topman marketing mix

However, the company is still strong focused on. Marketing Objectives Goals - Topshop marketing plan introduction. The objectives can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the Topshop Corporation is focusing on the international business, the recent objective is built more than stores all over the world in less than five years to raise the awareness of the brand.

Secondly, in order.

Marketing mix for topshop
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