Leadership case studies for high school students

Leading from the middle: case studies

At Leadership Camp the emphasis was on being a friend as well as a leader, and when you walk around the school you might see people who need help. This literature included staff memoranda and staff correspondence concerning student leadership, official publications such as the College Prospectus, Handbook, Year Book, along with periodicals to the school community, and student leadership program outlines.

Such comments reflected elements consistent with distributed leadership, namely the approach taken by House Coordinators to share leadership roles amongst students Harris,to work co-operatively in groups Gibb,and to recognise the importance of contributions made by individuals within groups Spillane, What explicit or implicit program of student leadership development is being pursued at the school.

You create a special bond with them, you look up to them, and you learn from them. As can 38 Gregory Hine be seen in Table 3, was the first year of data collection and for the intentions of this article all elected leaders have been collectively categorised as Cohort A.

Case Studies

Tell a colleague Back to top Tags. Other counter-productive efforts centred around the apparent disengagement of the student leaders themselves. In particular, students described how their leadership role entailed working with other leaders, helping students, setting and accomplishing goals within their House, and contributing meaningfully to the College.

Concerns associated with student leadership Several concerns are associated with the successful promotion, implementation, and maintenance of student leadership initiatives.

Such promotion may take the form of providing professional development modules for teachers in establishing and facilitating student leadership initiatives within Catholic schools. School and community expectations, The Practising Administrator, 4 3pp.

Case Studies

This institution has been purposively selected as the research site for two reasons. A case study 35 providing instruction in leadership skills to students is also an area of growing concern.

The researcher kept an ongoing compilation of the procedures and activities of the research experience—together with personal reflections concerning the phenomenon of interest—in a comprehensive fieldwork journal.

Second, the challenge that each situation presented students with was seen to be educative, and rewarding. A positive parent-principal partnership will detect early signs of leadership issues interfacing with academic pursuits, allowing the school captains and principal to monitor roles and responsibilities amongst the leadership team.

It should be noted that only on two separate occasions and did students regard determining a balance between leadership responsibilities and schoolwork as a negative experience.

The approach itself is comprised of three main components, including: A case study 49 and specifically, those involved in teacher education courses.

Kluwer Academic Publisherspp. The elected leadership structure for Year 12 is summarised in Table 2. The research focused on a longitudinal case study where data were gathered through the exercise of multiple, qualitative methods, namely: Getting to the heart of school improvement San Francisco: A case study 41 of reduction, the researcher summarised information from interview transcripts, field notes, and the reflective journal in meaningful ways such that final conclusions could be drawn or verified.

Longitudinal study To address the developmental aspect of the research questions required the researcher to use a method that could record and interpret information about a selected cohort of elected Year 10 student leaders as they moved through their final three years of secondary school.

John Minahan and Cate Reavis Harry Markham, a pension fund investment advisor, is torn about whether to tell the board of trustees of the pension fund he is advising that he believes the value of their projected liabilities are actually much larger than what the actuaries say they are.

Chapman and Aspin argue that developing student leadership through specific programs is crucial to promoting social responsibility, community leadership, active citizenship and service leadership.

In the final year of data collection, 20 student leaders were directly involved as Cohort C in this project. In this story he talks about the importance of relationships in his work.

You also learn to become more independent and how to take responsibility of big things, like sporting events and getting other people to participate. Focusing on a single case in this way allowed the researcher to investigate the central issue of student leadership at considerable depth, and to gather data that would help ultimately produce a thickly descriptive account of the issues of concern Stringer.

school-community interrelationships, this qualitative study examines the practices of educational leaders in three high- performing, high-poverty, rural California high schools.

The authors employed case study methodology using a variety. Click the link below to view the video case study and learn how Habitudues helped the faculty at Orange Lutheran High School implement a unique initiative focused on teaching students leadership skills and character development.

Case Studies High quality teaching supports high quality learning CEL has commissioned research through the University of Washington Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy on its work in partnership with school districts.

High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology Brooklyn, New York A Case Study of School Leadership Purpose of the Research To learn about factors associated with inclusive high schools whose students are achieving.

Case Studies High quality teaching supports high quality learning CEL has commissioned research through the University of Washington Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy on its work in partnership with school districts.

Leadership Case Studies. When stakeholders (20 focus groups and 12 interviews) at four inclusive high schools producing exemplary results for students with and without disabilities were asked what factors they associated with the successful outcomes of their school, 75% of the groups and individuals replied with statements associated with leadership.

Leadership case studies for high school students
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