Hooking up two amps guitar

It helps stop "squealing" or "oscillating" by letting very high frequencies pass around the plate resistor and out of the signal path.

Best of all, is the huge sound this baby delivers and you didn't have to lug around a 60 pounder to get it. In this case the direct box is often used.

Impedance for Musicians

Sometimes, you will find an additional pot between the second and third stages. To reduce gain, just do the opposite. Later, you can get the Radiotron Designer's Handbook and work out all the math as to what Hertz you're letting by.

Typical values range from 82K to K, with K being the most common, and K frequently used in lead channels. Another common trick is to put a resistor in series not parallel with C3, in part to attenuate the loss of highs to bleeding to ground.

The Leslie really makes this unit though and used in conjunction with the amp, you've got some very sweet tones. For more info, visit Kendrick here. One of the main innovations of this amp was a very sophisticated circuit, and one that was very expensive to build, which included a 6-band active EQ, in addition to the traditional passive Bass-Mid-Treb.

It features line or instrument level output, allowing you to run into another amp's guitar input, power amp in, mixing console, etc. Cab is in typical used condition with a few tears to the tolex on back, but looks pretty good from the audience perspective.

Then take the …other end and put it in the "input " slot on you power amp. Fender smartly stuck with generally the same models from year to year while Gibson tended to turn out different models every few years.

Especially as you can get a whole course for the price of a couple of lessons.

How would I hook up two amps for one output?

To increase gain, you want to reduce the "uphill struggles" R1 and R2and plug up the "leaks" Rg. For many players, this will be the perfect amp for larger clubs. The reverb is noteworthy and in the style of the old Fender outboard reverbs features Dwell, Mix, and Tone.

Add as many tracks as you want. Here we have Mr. For players who like to keep things simple, with this baby there's no more hooking up a bunch of stomp boxes - you've got emulated spring Reverb, as well as Echo, Chorus, and Vibrato.

When the song is finished you can mix to stereo. Manual is downloadable here. You basically do all your work on the recorder, not on the computer, but can use its built in interface usually USB to port files over to the computer for editing or whole songs over after the mix.

You don't "see" this math because it is all going on underneath a graphical mixer. Back in the day Jeff Bober had a small company that did some of my repairs and built some killer little amps called Budda, all hand-wired and built in small numbers.

You must be sure that each speaker is rated for the demand that it will be expected to dissipate. This amp isn't capable of bad tones so all you need to do is tweak the bass and treble to your guitar and the room.

Likewise, if you mismatch impedance in a circuit, you may be creating an extra layer of noise.

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It reduces or attenuates the strength of the signal. The chassis is aircraft grade aluminum with an internal construction of mixed PC board and hard wired.

Offers Bright and Deep switches for tailoring your sound - Bright switch gives you two different high frequency levels to compensate for an overly bright, or dull speaker cabinet while the Deep switch offers two distinct bass settings to help you fill out the bottom end, or reduce the bass in a cabinet with too much low end.

So I picked one up a few months ago. If you plug one of these hi impedance sources into a line level input what happens. I have a few of these so if you want an inexpensive stereo set up, pick up a pair. Single point grounding keeps it free of hum at all levels. Now it's time to process these perfectly synced wave files with plugins or effects.

Would you like to merge this question into it. There are many different Firewire and USB audio interfaces available, and they are not all small like the ones above. Coupling Capacitor Not Optional This capacitor couples the output of a gain stage to the input of a following gain stage.

There may even be a "ground lift" on some DI boxes that will kill any ground loop that has formed.

Leslie West on Mountain, Woodstock, West Bruce & Laing, Guitars, and Soloing

If it sounds good and you can record it--that's the bottom line. May 09,  · Up until the weekend I owned two amps, a Cornford Hellcat and a WEM Westminster, both hardwired valve amps.

How To Record Guitar on a PC computer, Laptop, iPad or Mac

I found myself in the guitar shop over the weekend and remembered reading the Jazz guitar Amps section here when I saw some Roland cube amps. 1.

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THD Hot Plate Ohms Attenuator for Ohm load and works best for amps rated at ohms such as Fender 3X10 combo's. Offers Bright and Deep switches for tailoring your sound - Bright switch gives you two different high frequency levels to compensate for an overly bright, or dull speaker cabinet while the Deep switch offers two distinct bass settings to help you fill out the bottom end.

Great Tube Tone for Every Occasion Perfect for stages and studios of any size. Tube amps interact with the impedance load that a speaker cabinet puts on the amp's output — if you plug into your amp and just hook the amp's direct output to a recording device, you won't get the tone you expect.

Top End Guitar-USB Interface for Mac, iPad and iPhone. If you have a Mac or are recording on iPad, then the Apogee Jam 96K is an absolutely superb high quality guitar interface. You can connect via USB, lightning or pin connector. I took lessons from Leslie West right about this time, summer of ’ Took the train from New Haven to NYC and then the bus up to his place on 81st or 82nd street.

The digital audio/MIDI sequencer allows you to record the analog output of your synths, guitars and microphones as digital douglasishere.com files. Regardless of what method you choose to get audio to the computer it goes through the DAC to computer memory and hard disk.

Hooking up two amps guitar
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Modifying Guitar Amp Preamp Circuitry